How to work with the trading signals provided by the site

Dear user,
Please read the following prior to acquainting yourself with the rules of the website and beginning to trade.

1 - After examining the price charts and identifying the levels of support and resistance, and more importantly, if the potential for price changes is identified, a trading signal is issued by the site analyst team. This signal has an ID and a zero update counter, in which the ID consists of two parts and a combination of the first signal issue date and the counter number.

2 - In order to get the best efficiency from the site’s signals, it is highly recommended that the trading position to be maintained by users for a few days. During this period, the latest market conditions are monitored by the team of analysts, and if necessary, other updates are issued to rectify and improve the trading signal. For easy access, the ID number in the updates remains unchanged, but each time the signal is updated, the update number increases one unit.

3 - If in the pair of currencies offered to open a trading position, there is a potential for price growth, in the provided signal, the type is displayed as ‘Long’ and in this regard, the entry points appear in front of the phrase ‘Buy’. Conversely, if the pair of currencies offered to open a trading position has the potential to fall in price, in the signal provided, the type is displayed as ‘Short’, and therefore the entry points appear in front of the phrase ‘Sell’. The exit points of the transaction are displayed in both cases in front of ‘Target’

4 - Entry and exit points of the market are usually given at several price levels. It is recommended to take into every signal of each pair and proportionally buy or sell in several stages and at balanced price levels in order to get the best return during your subscription period.

5 - In accordance with the market progress and the latest surveys conducted by site analysts, the price levels of entering or leaving the market will be updated. Therefore, if, for example, you have made a purchase at the first price level, make the following purchases at the second price level after it has been updated, and also, there is no need to buy at the first updated price level.

6 - If during the issuance of the main signal and its updates, the market price has crossed or collided with some levels of buying or selling, the phrase confirmed shall be entered in front of those levels and the phrase pending shall be inserted for other price levels which are still valid. Unidentified price levels and updated figures which have not been still crossed by market are reported as pending-updated

7 - If in the latest review of the site analysts it is found that some of the lowest price levels offered to open a trading position, according to the latest evaluations in the market, have little chance, the phrase ‘NA anymore’ is inserted in front of the mentioned price levels. In this case, the users of the site will be free to keep the funds intended for entry at these levels or to enter at other price levels provided.

8 - If the latest analysis of site analysts reveals that some of the highest price levels offered to close a trading position, according to the latest assessments in the market, have a slight chance or high risk, the pending target levels in the last update of relevant signal turns into confirmed at market price and trading status appears closed. In this case, site users are advised to leave the market immediately accordingly.

9 - In the trading signals of the site, the exit price levels are provided at the same time as entering the trade and its more accurate figures will be announced in the updates. Therefore, it is necessary for users to follow the latest update of their signals on the site and to decide in accordance with the information contained in the latest update. Therefore, the site is not responsible for any negligence.

10 - The source of the signal prices provided on the site is the Spot Market in Binance Exchange.Customer can also take advantage of the corresponding prices in the Spot market with the aim of using the Future section. There is only a slight difference in the prices of digital currencies in the exchanges (the prices are virtually the same) ,so our signals can be applied in other exchanges as well. When receiving a digital trade signal (short trade) on the site, users can act in one of the two ways which are as follows: A- If the digital currency mentioned has already been part of the user's assets, sell it at the signal sale price and then buy the digital currency again at a lower price when the sale signals close. B- If the digital currency mentioned has not been a part of the user's assets before, they should refer to the Future market to obtain a selling position.


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